About Me

Hello, and welcome to my site, Tea Jubilee!

My name is Rebekah Kann.

If you’re just finding my site I am so glad you dropped by, I have this site not only to learn something new but for you (The reader) you will learn about new teas and the health benefits of the recipes, and even some giveaways from my site.

Now, I am sure you’re wondering about what this tea site has to offer, this site is packed with fun reading and even links to sites that I recommend. so here is where I get personal with you,

I am from Orlando Fl, I am the youngest of 8 siblings! Yes, you read that right. I absolutely love anything that has to do with tea, books, and even some fandoms. I even have a nephew who will be a big brother in June on the 26th as of 2021!!

My mom gave me this site so I could write about anything tea, and I love it.

If you want to contact me You may do so at this email: Rebekah@TeaJubilee.com, if you have any questions or advice you want to give me, feel free to email me! 🙂

I am also on Facebook @TeaJubilee

Thank you for reading. I look forward to hearing from you.

P.S. The picture of me is with my cup that my older brother gave me for Christmas! He put my logo into that cup from his Lasser! Cool right!?

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