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Cardamom Tea

Fall is in the air, which means it’s the perfect time to pull out your hoodies and slip on some cozy socks and make some tea. Which tea is best though? Cardamom tea is. Want to learn how? Let’s learn more together.

I am sure you have heard of this spice, but did you know that you can have this in your teacup? You sure can!

Cardamom tea is filled with so many benefits; Cardamom tea is such a fall kind of tea that I have written this just for those fall lovers and whoever wants to try this tea out. Let’s first check out a list of the benefits of this spice.

Cardamom tea is a tea made from the seed pods of the cardamom plant. As you may know, Cardamom comes in two kinds of teas you can enjoy, the first one is the green kind.

This green tea doesn’t have as much caffeine as black tea does. And it has many benefits, just as the black cardamom tea does.

The green cardamom tea comes from a plant that is known as Elettaria cardamomum. And this kind of plant has a sweet and spicy flavor to it.

Here are two brands that I love using.




Now, this next plant is the Black variety of this tea. It comes from the plant that is called. Amomum cardamomum, Black cardamom tea has more of a smoky kind of taste in this one. Yet it has a slight mint smell to it as well.

Cardamom Tea

The great things this tea does.

Still being used to this day in South Asia, cardamom tea is known to help treat many different things; this tea has many health benefits when consumed regularly.

Wondering what the benefits are? So am I. Would you mind keeping reading to see what I am talking about?

1. This tea helps you lose weight!

Cardamom tea may help accelerate weight loss and makes you so much healthier too! Cardamom tea is known to help your immune system get rid of fat cells in your body and get to the weight you want.

Cardamom tea works to help prevent the buildup of fat while helping the liver process waste products more quickly and effectively

2. It’s Great For Oral Health

Cardamom tea helps you out by protecting dental health by inhibiting bacterial growth. Most bacteria grow on the surface of your teeth and cause dental caries—a common condition where acids break down the tooth enamel. These acids are produced when bacteria ferment carbohydrates.

Drinking this tea can help neutralize the bacteria and prevent plaque buildup, cavities. The antibacterial properties of Cardamom spice or, in this case, tea can also effectively treat halitosis—AKA, Bad breath.

Bad breath can be caused when bacteria build up in the mouth and feed on food particles. Cardamom tea helps eliminate the bacteria to keep your breath fresh all day long.

3. Helps Boost Our Immune System 

Many similar herbal teas, such as cardamom tea, may help treat and prevent many things such as Our common cold and flu. That’s because this tea is packed with antioxidants and vitamins that fight off viruses, fungi, and bacteria.

4. Protects Heart Health

Cardamom contains high levels of potassium that is good for our heart health.

This tea is excellent for your blood pressure, and that means drinking cardamom tea regularly helps lower high blood pressure and get you feeling better. Cardamom tea helps blood circulation and can help lower your risk of heart attack and blood clots.

5. Digestive Aid

This tea is still being used today because of its healing in a cup of this tea. So here is why it’s great for your digestive health.

It’s the perfect tea to sit by the fireplace and enjoy (With a good book in hand). This tea even helps you out by fighting off intestinal worms. I love my cup of Cardamom tea with a bit of honey and some other spices I usually add to my teas.

But if you crush up the seeds and put them in hot water, they fight inflammation away so you can get rid of the stomach pain that comes with inflammation.

Cardamom tea is a natural carminative, which means it helps relieves gas you might get after eating. Ginger tea can do the same as Cardamom tea does. It helps fight off nausea that we sometimes get for whatever reason.

It makes this tea even better if you deal with sickness after a workout or after eating something that didn’t sit well with you.

Here is some Ginger that I love using.



Warning for mothers: If you are pregnant, this tea will not be as good as other teas. Cardamom tea is known to cause miscarriages, But if you want teas that are good for you when pregnant, check out this link below to read about teas you can have while pregnant. 

Teas you can drink during pregnancy. 

I would use either the pods from Cardamom or using the powder. You can find what brands I like best down below. I always use high-quality ingredients to get the best flavor and maximize my health potentials, such as organic teas and filtered water when I brew my tea. Here is a link that is to another post within Tea Jubilee.

Best organic teas

As with most teas, make sure the cardamom tea recipe you’re using only uses filtered, spring, or pure water. I know that some tap water and distilled water won’t develop flavors well and can contain chemicals that alter the taste of this beautiful tea.

Now, I have seen this question around the web, and I want to answer it from my experience in the different teas and what makes them best!

Can you have this just in a cup without anything?

Yes! I have most of my teas without any milk or sweeteners, But I know some who like their teas with milk and sweeteners in the tea. I mean, It depends on what mood I am in; yes, I am serious. If I am in a mood for sweet drinks, I will add one teaspoon of honey and mix it with the tea I have in the cup on that day.

If I am not in the mood for sweet drinks, I will add a hint of cinnamon to the tea. And yes, I do add that spice to all my teas. But I don’t add it to my mint teas. I mean, come on, that just is asking for nothing in that cup of tea.


Did you know how good Cinnamon is for you? If not, then go right to this link to read all about why and how it’s very good for you…Even in a cup of tea.

For a less caffeinated option, brew some cardamom pods with green tea or rooibos tea leaves instead and enjoy the tea full of health. The cardamom tea’s spicy notes also pair well with coconut milk and dairy milk, but I love soy milk in all of my teas that call for milk. As I said, It’s up to you, if you like natural milk, that’s great as well.

And I have just the soy milk you might try out too. Now, I order some of my stuff in bulk, so I have a full fridge and pantry of the things I use in my tea, by doing it this way, I don’t have to run to the store every time I am low on something.



You can also sweeten this tea by adding honey or a cinnamon stick (gets happy). You must know by now that I get so excited when I say the word “Cinnamon.”

Just because of the benefits this spice has when we use it in anything, it can be baking something, in a hot cup of tea. or even in a freshly made homemade pie.

This tea also complements sweet dishes and can be paired with dessert for sweet and spicy after-dinner.

And with Thanksgiving coming up so fast, do you have recipes picked for the holiday season? If not, I have a site that has so many great things you could make this year and maybe make it next year as well. Click here to find out why baking can help your stress levels

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I hope you stop by Tea Jubilee for more things anything tea! Have a great day and Happy Fall!!


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