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Earl Grey Loose Tea.

Imagine, You’re sitting in your kitchen in the bright early morning and your wanting something to drink. but you don’t want coffee for whatever reason.  Well, I have the best thing to drink in the morning:)

I drink this tea every morning, it’s kinda like a wake me up fast kind of tea. this tea is so good because of its caffeine content and I love the taste. But what I put in this tea makes it even better. I add lemon to it, It sounds kinda crazy but if you look anywhere for a recipe for this tea there will be hundreds saying to add lemon if you want.

Wondering What is so Irresistible about Earl Grey Loose Tea? Look no further than this site!


    • Earl Grey Loose Tea is black tea flavored with bergamot, a citrus fruit from Italy that is grown throughout the Mediterranean.
    • There’s caffeine in Earl Grey Loose Tea.

Earl Grey Loose Tea is made by mixing black tea, usually Assam or Ceylon, with bergamot peel, but now it’s usually made with bergamot essential oil.

  • Expensive Earl Grey is usually made with bergamot from Calabria, Italy.
  • Earl Grey is usually had with milk and sugar in the US.
  • It’s usually had with lemon and sugar in the UK.
  • There are a few stories about where Earl Grey tea got its name, but most agree that the tea was named after Charles Grey, the second Earl of Grey, in the nineteenth century who was gifted the tea blend.


1.5 teaspoons loose Earl Grey or 1 tea sachet
1 cup (8 fl. oz.)
5 minutes

1.5 teaspoons loose Earl Grey or 1 tea sachet
1 cup (8 fl. oz.)
12 hour



  • Earl Grey tea
  • Filtered water
  • Optional: milk, sugar, or lemon
  • Teapot with infuser
  • Electric kettle


  • Earl Grey tea
  • water
  • Optional: milk, or lemon
  • Teapot with strainer

Earl Grey Loose Tea (How to make it.)

STEP 1: Boil water.

Good tea depends on the water you use to make it.

The best way to make sure your tea tastes better is to boil filtered water instead of just boiling tap water.

It’s best to boil water using an electric kettle with a temperature setting. I set it to 208°F.

Boil more water than what you’ll steep for the tea since you’ll need it for the next step.

STEP 2: Warm up the teapot.

Pour some of the freshly boiled hot water into a teapot and swirl the water around. Throw out the water.

This step is always included when I want to brew tea properly. Warming up the teapot keeps the boiled water hot so that there isn’t a big temperature drop when brewing the tea.

STEP 3: Put Earl Grey tea into a teapot and add hot water.

STEP 4: Cover teapot and steep for 5 minutes. I steep all black teas for 5 minutes so I do the same for Earl Grey.

Tea Sommelier’s Tip: If you want a stronger cup of Earl Grey, brew more tea instead of steeping it for longer. Brewing it for longer can make your tea bitter and astringent. Make sure to keep the teapot covered so the water stays nice and hot.

STEP 5: Strain Earl Grey leaves and pour hot tea into a teacup.

Traditionally, this tea is served with a slice of lemon, with sugar to taste. This brings out its bright flavor and shows off its deep brown color. Tea Forté’s special blend of Earl Grey Loose Tea includes a dash of organic cornflowers for an added flourish. Enjoy it with lemon or milk, or savor the natural flavor and color straight from the pot.


  • London Fog
    A tea latte made with Earl Grey, frothed milk, vanilla extract, and sweetened with sugar.
  • Lady Grey
    Earl Grey with lemon and orange peel.
  • Red Earl Grey
    A variation that uses caffeine-free rooibos tea with bergamot oil.
  • Russian Earl Grey
    Earl Grey with orange peel and orange flavoring.



  • Use loose Earl Grey Loose tea instead of tea bags for a better quality cup of tea.
  • For a stronger cup of Earl Grey, add a 1/2 teaspoon more tea.
  • Overstepping can make your tea bitter. Don’t brew it for more than 5 minutes.

What does Earl Grey Loose Tea taste like?

The bergamot in Earl Grey gives the tea lightly sweet citrus notes which balances the full body of the black tea.


  • 1 cup water + more to warm teapot for hot tea
  • 1 ½ teaspoon loose Earl Grey tea


  • Boil water. If using an electric kettle with a temperature setting, set it to 208°F. Boil a little more water than needed so that it can be used to warm up the teapot. Filtered water is best.
  • Warm-up teapot. Pour some hot water into a teapot and swirl it around a bit. Discard the water.
  • Put Earl Grey Loose Tea into a teapot and add hot water.
  • Cover teapot and steep for 5 minutes.
  • Strain Earl Grey leaves and pour hot tea into a teacup.
  • Add milk and sugar or lemon if you wish.

Tea Tips

  • To sweeten iced Earl Grey, use simple syrup which will make it easier to stir into your iced tea.
  • Make simple sugar at home by mixing equal parts sugar or honey and hot water until the sugar dissolves.
  • Add milk, sugar, or lemon but never all 3 since the lemon will curdle the milk.
  • The American way of drinking Earl Grey is with milk and sugar. To drink Earl Grey like the British, add lemon and sugar.

Try this recipe along with this great tea for breakfast.

The Best thing about this  Earl Grey Loose Tea is you can have this any time of the day, it’s known as a Breakfast tea. Click here for more tea for that time of the day.

Hope you enjoy this tea and if you want, please let me know what you think of this tea in the comments! I would read them and enjoy the feedback. And please tell your friends and family about this site “the more the marrier” 🙂

Stay healthy and safe until the next time your here.




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