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How tea makes your day better

Hello dear reader!

I am sure some of you had asked that very question when you first tried out a cup of a nice, hot cup of tea. I asked that question, too, when I had my first cup. Well, here are ten reasons why this small cup can have a significant impact on your health.

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What does tea help with?

Since dawn, tea has been integral to every man’s diet. The art of drying leaves and cooking them to drink their essence is ancient. By discovering that, humans just might have kickstarted the beginning of medicine as a science. All those tens of thousands of years ago, tea has helped numerous people with their health problems. Despite it being shunned, tea can still do that today.

Although primarily known as a refreshment, tea can help you get the most out of your body. Its effects on mental and physical health are pretty astonishing. Therefore, you can use it as a medical aid as well. But all these benefits can make you healthier and more refreshed. That should be the missing ingredient you need. Therefore, to point out the significance of tea,


1. Endurance Boost

Tea can help you with your exercise routine. Antioxidants, the main catechins from green tea, can help your body burn fat more efficiently. Moreover, these substances increase burning fat’s efficiency, leading to better muscle endurance. This way, you can easily commit to becoming stronger with an added natural supplement in your arsenal.

2. Reduced heart attacks risk

High blood pressure is the silent killer of our age. This condition affects millions of people and takes just as many lives. High blood pressure can lead to strokes, heart attacks, and other dangerous conditions. Drinking tea reduces the risk of these hazardous occurrences by a lot. It’s an investment for the future.

How tea makes your day better

3. Cancer protection

Teas are filled with antioxidants, crucial substances that have many essential roles within our organism. The first of these roles is the ability to tackle cancers. Breast, skin, lung, stomach, ovarian, prostate, and many other cancers have shown signs of stopping growth during tea consumption. Many scientific studies have confirmed this claim.

4. Destroys free radicals

When it comes to free radicals, they’re our most mysterious but most dangerous foe. They cause oxidative stress and often work hard to damage our DNA. Even though our bodies can fight free radicals on their own, they aren’t that effective. Therefore, you should drink tea to stop these radicals from causing cancer and many dangerous conditions.

5. Hydration

Tea is an excellent way of replenishing the water reserves of the body. Because the plants have merged their nutrients with the water, it’s safe to say that it’s the tastiest possible hydration available. You get the same amount of H2O as from regular water, as well as additional nutrients. Not a wrong choice when you need refreshments.

6. Lowers the risk of Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s disease plagues many people around the globe, resulting in deteriorating physical and mental health over the years. Many factors contribute to it, like smoking, body mass, and other more or less essential elements. Tea is known to reverse the development of this condition in a significant way. If you want to keep your body safe from Parkinson’s – give the tea a chance.

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7. Protects from UV rays

Tea tremendously influences the skin and other organs within the body. One of the leading causes of skin cancer and sunburn is UV rays, which are at an all-time high due to holes in the ozone layer. Tea can protect you from sunburns and cancer.

8. Keeps your weight in check

Several studies have indicated that tea does help the body burn more fat as time passes. Moreover, it also prevents the appearance of metabolic syndrome, which leads to a whole new set of health problems. Drink one cup of tea daily for a narrow waist, and you’ll burn fat much more efficiently.

9. Counteracts smoking

Smoking regularly does so much damage to the human organism. For some people, it might be too late to have flawless lungs, but there is much you can do to reverse the damage. Tea has been known to repair the alveoli in the lungs and widen your throat. Thus, you can breathe more quickly and have fewer smoking-related problems.

10. Benefits diabetics

We’re talking about type-2 diabetes mostly, but it goes for all types. Tea helps the body dissolve sugars more efficiently. Many people with more severe forms of diabetes can’t process sugar within their bodies all that well. Tea can make your life much easier if you have diabetes. 

11. Helps repair radiation damage

We get exposed to radiation during our lives without even being aware of it. This can be detrimental to our skin and internal organs. However, if you choose to drink some tea daily, you can heal any damage. Tea halts cellular degeneration and infuses the skin with added elasticity and a healthy complexion. An ideal moment to drink tea would be after an X-ray.

12. It Provides your bones with density and strength

Green tea, in particular, is pretty good at this facet of health maintenance. At an older age, we tend to have weaker bone cellular connections. If you drink tea while young, you get the chance to stop this process right in its tracks. 

13. Battles stress

Many teas, like green tea and Matcha tea, can calm your mind and help you cope with stress better. If you’re facing an incredibly stressful period, make sure you have a cup of tea every once in a while.

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