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Making Chamomile Tea. 

This super fun and easy! If your thinking of making this tea, check this recipe out first so you know what your making and how to make this tea great!

Chamomile tea is a popular herbal drink made from dried chamomile flowers. See how to make this caffeine-free tisane, hot and cold. Making Chamomile Tea is super easy to make! Keep reading to know how to make this perfect cup of tea. 🙂 


    • Chamomile tea is an herbal infusion made from dried chamomile flowers steeped in water.
    • Naturally caffeine-free.
    • Chamomile is a flowering plant with white petals and a mustard-yellow center that looks like a daisy.
    • There are a few varieties of chamomile and only two types are used for tea: German chamomile and the Roman Chamomile.
    • Chamomile is considered to aid in relaxation so it’s a common ingredient in tea blends to help you sleep.


TEA: 1 tablespoon loose chamomile tea
WATER: 1 cup (8 fl. oz.)
STEEP TIME5 minutes



  • Chamomile loose tea or tea sachet
  • Tap water
  • Teapot with strainer
    I use this all the time since it’s so easy to clean.
  • Electric kettle with a temperature setting
    A must for all tea drinkers.


STEP 1: Boil water.

The best tea is made with the best water. Use Tap water if possible.

I always make tea using an electric kettle with a temperature setting. I set the water to 208°F for chamomile tea, which is a bit under a full boil.

Boil more water than needed for the cup you’re going to drink since you want extra water to warm up the teapot.

STEP 2: Warm up the teapot.

Pour some hot water into the teapot and swirl it around. Discard the water.

When the teapot is nice and warm, the water poured in to brew the tea won’t cool down as fast.

STEP 3: Put chamomile loose tea into a teapot and add hot water.

Tea Tip: If you want a less fragrant or more subtle flavor, go down to 2 teaspoons of chamomile tea for every cup of water.

STEP 4: Cover teapot and steep for 5 minutes.

Herbal tea, like chamomile, won’t get bitter when it oversteps so it’s not as fussy as black tea or green tea — don’t worry if you steep it for more than 5 minutes.

STEP 5: Strain chamomile flowers and pour hot tea into a teacup.

I don’t like my chamomile tea sweetened, but if you do, try sugar, honey, or even stevia!


Here is what this tea will taste like.

Chamomile tea has a strong, heady aroma and tastes earthy with floral and apple notes. If it’s steeped for too long it has a very medicinal taste that I’m not a fan of.

Now your wondering, does this tea have caffeine? I can say this much. it doesn’t have any caffeine in this tea,  which for some it’s good but for others who like tea for breakfast check this one out.

Is chamomile tea a real tea?

All herbal teas, including chamomile, are not real or true teas. Real tea only comes from the camellia Sinensis plant, and since chamomile comes from the chamomile plant it’s not a real tea.

Chamomile Tea

Prep TIME 2 mins


total TIME 7 mins

YIELD 1 serving


  • 1 cup water + more to warm teapot for hot tea
  • 1 tablespoon chamomile loose tea


  • Boil water. If using an electric kettle with a temperature setting, set it to 208°F. Boil a little more water than needed so that it can be used to warm up the teapot. Filtered water is best.
  • Warm up the teapot. Pour some hot water into a teapot and swirl it around a bit. Discard the water.
  • Put chamomile tea into a teapot and add hot water.
  • Cover teapot and steep for 5 minutes.
  • Strain chamomile flowers and pour hot tea into a teacup.


I have loved this Tea since I had my first cup of hot tea! And this is my favorite tea of all time. But don’t just take my word for it, try this recipe out for yourself and let me know in the comments what you like about this tea. It can even be a comment saying “ehh, Rebekah it’s not really good” but Hey that’s ok! I want my readers to be very honest with me.

And if you’re looking for a great thing to eat with this tea, try out this recipe.

I hope you stop by my site soon for more tips and recipes about tea That is what my site is all about! 🙂

Making Chamomile Tea

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