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Tea That Fights Viruses

While I’m writing this post, the world is fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. The virus has entirely changed the world, and everyone is trying to escape. The hospitals are overwhelmed, and no vaccine has been found yet that can beat the virus.

In these circumstances, the best and most effective way to fight against this virus is to boost your immunity system and maintain your overall health. Luckily, there are natural remedies that can help you to tackle the viruses.

One such option is herbal teas that fight viruses. They not only keep our body warm but also help our immune system to stay at its peak. Heat, in general, is considered the best way to eliminate viruses and bacteria. It means having a cup of tea a day; you can keep viruses at bay.

Below, I’m going to bucket a list of tea types that fights viruses and cope should you fall sick. So, let’s get started!

Why Herbal Teas?

Although the name is familiar, herbal teas are not made from the tea plant. They include roots, flowers, and herbs. In the ancient Chinese and Egyptian civilizations, these teas were used to treat various diseases. There are uncountable herbal teas you can drink, and all of them have their own tastes and benefits. Some significant benefits of drinking herb teas include boosting your immune system, reduce pain and sourness, and help prevent chronic diseases. Additionally, they help relieve stress, slow aging, and much more.

It means herbal teas that fights viruses are the healthiest beverages that you can drink. Since they are prepared using many herbs, they are rich with minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that provide long and short-term health benefits. You should include these teas to your daily caffeinated drinks while still enjoying their delicious taste.

So, what are the best herbal teas that fight viruses?

9 Best Herbal Teas that Fights Viruses

1- Ginger Tea

Ginger Tea is among the best teas that fight viruses. There are various benefits of drinking ginger tea. It is the best herbal remedy to improve the digestive system, relieve nausea, and to vomit. Moreover, unlike other costly treatments, if you are suffering from heartburn, inflammation, and indigestion, you should try drinking ginger tea.

Moreover, other common ginger tea uses include weight loss, improved brain functionality, and naturally treat menstrual discomfort.

Ingredients: Ginger, Lemon, Peppermint, Honey (Optional).

2- Rooibos Tea

Drinking Rooibos tea means you are getting a bunch of health benefits. People who are sensitive about their skin or want to treat acne and eczema should include Rooibos tea in their daily routine. Thanks to its antioxidants, it is also useful for hiding aging signs and wrinkles.

Since the tea includes fluoride and calcium, it is also useful for improving bone health. Other significant benefits of Rooibos tea include treating allergies, asthma, headaches, and more.

Ingredients: Sachet Rooibos tea, Honey (Optional).

3- Chamomile tea

People who are tired of using sleeping pills to sleep comfortably should drink Chamomile tea twice a day. This herbal tea is knowns for its calming effects since it relieves anxiety. A recent search conducted by the health experts found that it is helpful to treat insomnia. The tea also improves the overall quality of sleep.

Additionally, the tea also fights against viruses and treat inflammation, stomach pain, treats cold, lightens skin, and reduce stress.

Ingredients: Chamomile flowers, Honey, or sugar (Honey is recommended).

4- Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea is among the most common types of herbal teas that fights viruses. It is caffeine and calorie-free. The tea also has various health benefits. It is also used for both flavoring and medicinal properties. Besides its great taste, the tea has numerous health benefits, such as fresher breath, tension, and headache relief. Many find it helps relieve menstrual cramps pain, boosts energy, and more.

Ingredients to consider adding: Peppermint leaves, Lime juice, Honey (Optional).

5- Green Tea

One of the healthiest and natural beverages on the planet is Green tea. The tea is one of the best teas that fights viruses and rich with antioxidants. It has various health advantages that you can achieve in a purely natural way without any side-effects.

The tea is much more than just a hydrating beverage. It is rich with polyphenols that are great for reducing inflammation. Some studies also suggest that it is capable of fighting against one of the deadliest diseases – cancer.

Other significant health benefits include improving brain functions, increase fat burning, reduce stinking breath, weight loss, prevent cardiovascular disease, and more.

Ingredients: Green tea leaves, Lemon juice, Honey (Optional).

6- Echinacea Tea

Echinacea tea is another popular herb tea that fights against viruses. The herb tea has been used for centuries by Native Americans to treat various diseases naturally. Today, tea is considered one of the best herbal remedies to treat the flu or cold.

Since the tea is prepared using Echinacea plant flowers, it is rich with antioxidants that defend human body cells against oxidative stress. As such, it helps fight against chronic disease, diabetes, heart disease, etc. Moreover, the tea also dramatically impacts the immune system to fight against viruses and infections.

Ingredients: Flowers, roots, or leaves of Echinacea plant, Honey, Ginger (Optional).

7- Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus tea is yet another herbal tea that is made from the flowers of the hibiscus plant. The pink, red color of the tea is as good for health as it looks. Unlike other teas that I have mentioned so far, you can drink it either hot or iced.

Besides its unique color and bold flavor, this herbal tea is also enriched with numerous healthful properties. Recent research has found that it has antiviral characteristics and can help against bird flu. Moreover, some studies also found that it impacts positively on high blood pressure. Other significant benefits of Hibiscus tea include improving liver health and functionalities, fight against bacteria, help with weight loss, and more.

Ingredients: Hibiscus flowers, Honey, or Sugar (Honey is recommended).

8- Rosehip Tea

If you have sensitive skin and want to improve it naturally, consider including Rosehip tea in your daily routine. The tea is rich with vitamin C, which is known for enhancing tissues and skin treatment. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidants, tea is also an excellent beverage for boosting the immune system.

An interesting fact about rose hips is some studies have shown that they are among the vegetables and fruits containing the highest amount of vitamin C. Some of the significant benefits of Rosehip tea include antioxidants, boosting immunity, preventing heart diseases, weight loss, and reducing inflammation.

Ingredients: Dried Rosehips, Hibiscus Flowers, Mint (Optional), Honey (Optional).

9- Elderberry Tea

Elderberry is one more herbal tea that fights viruses. The tea has a long history and is used by Native Americans and Egyptians to treat numerous diseases. In recent times, the primary use of Elderberry tea is to treat digestive problems. Although we can debate its health benefits, it is undeniable that tea is one of the tastiest ways to get some of the additional vitamins and nutrients that our body needs.

Drinking Elderberry tea regularly, you can add nutrients and antioxidants to your diet. Some other significant health benefits of drinking Elderberry tea include anti-diabetes, reducing cancer risk, anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, and more.

Ingredients: Elderflower Petals, Honey (Optional).

Wrapping Up

We should be thankful to nature for giving us such precious gifts that cannot be replaced. Maintaining your overall health should be your first priority, and you shouldn’t compromise on it at any cost. Using natural ways to keep your overall well-being will not only boost your immunity system but also protects you against viruses, infections, and bacteria. Above, I have bucketed some herbal teas that fight against viruses. All of them are anti-caffeine, and you can include these teas to your daily routine to live a perfect, healthy life. Be safe, be healthy.


Q: What herbal tea has the highest amount of Vitamin C?

Ans: Rosehip tea is considered the best tea with the highest amount of vitamin C.