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Buying tea for the first time.

Buying tea for the first time,  one of the first questions I had was, do I drink tea hot or cold? What is the best brand of tea? Why should I even try this drink? And many more like that. I asked myself that, and one that I asked more than the others was. “When can I drink tea?”

It can be overwhelming if you haven’t had tea before But don’t worry too much; I have just the post you need!

There are so many things you have to see before buying tea. Not quite sure what to know before you buy it? Well, this is where you want to be if that’s the case.

Will it make me healthy? And so many more questions. This post will be all your questions about buying tea; answered! Keep reading to find out about Buying tea for the first time.

Before you read this, let me tell you something, Buying tea isn’t as scary as some would say; yes, it’s not easy to know what tea is good for you over the worse teas.

But let me say that buying tea for the first time is great! Even if you don’t know what the benefits of this tea are, you can read about the different teas I have written about on Tea Jubilee! Click the link at the end of this post about other things like this.

Buying tea for the first time.

Couple shopping online.

Are the tea flavors all-natural?

There are some mouth-watering blends on the market. Still, some achieve their result flavors by including additives and artificial flavors. All ingredients are listed on each packaging blend to see them for your peace of mind, which is excellent if you don’t know what’s in the tea. Do you want to buy tea that doesn’t have the ingredients in the bag or box? Ask yourself that before you buy tea.

Can you see the tea leaves?

These days, many items are purchased online, which can sometimes be a daunting experience. If you are supporting an e-commerce company or simply selecting to shop online, you want to know what your tea will look like and what to expect. Many customers say that seeing what the tea leaves look like is essential for selecting a tea brand. And it’s very accurate for me. If the tea is in a bag, like tiny leaves, it makes me worry if it isn’t natural in my cup.

That’s What She Said!

Listen to your friends or bloggers you enjoy following. Social media is a great way to learn about a company and its products. Does the company have any social media presence, or is it all outdated? I love hearing the feedback and reviews from valued readers..just like you! 🙂 And yes, Tea Jubilee is on most of the Socials globally.

Does the company pay it forward?

This is something worth considering with any product you purchase- does the company share similar values? Give back to organizations they care about. Giving back is ingrained in our mission as a company. Finding out where the money goes is a huge deal! If it’s just for the website, it’s not as good; if the money goes to charities, then that would make me want to buy more from this site (or store)

The site I work through, Adagio Tea, Has a page to find out where their money goes. Check it out here.

Did this help you know about Buying tea for the first time? I sure hope it did! But I have links below to check out before you head off.

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Thanks for reading about Buying Tea for the first time; let me know in the comments below about what you do when you want to buy tea. Until next time, enjoy a cup of tea and enjoy a blissful day.

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