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Coffee Vs.Tea

Hello and welcome to Tea Jubilee. If you have read enough of my posts over the past few months, you know that I love tea, But I also enjoy a cup of coffee here and there. So which one is better for us? Keep reading Coffee Vs. Tea to find out the four teas that I love to sip on In place of coffee.

Coffee Vs.Tea, Which one is better? That’s not easy to decide. I love my Coffee, but I have that gut that doesn’t like coffee some days, so what do I drink in place of Coffee? Black tea!

You already know how black tea can be just like Coffee (In caffeine content), So I have a few cups of Earl Grey or another kind of black tea that I love.

More and more people turn to tea as a gentle but stimulating way to start your day right. Tea is packed with many antioxidants and rich in many other things, such as vitamins and minerals; tea is filled with many health benefits.

But with so many teas to choose from everywhere you go, it can be hard to know where to start getting the tea you want. Here are a few teas I recommend to my coffee drinker friends interested in branching out:

What Teas can take the place of Coffee?

I have four teas for you. I hope you enjoy reading Coffee Vs. Tea.

Pu-erh Tea.

Pu-erh teas, like most black teas, this tea has about half the caffeine in one cup, making this another excellent candidate for a morning cup in place of Coffee. Pu-erh is lightly fermented, giving this tea a deep black color, just like Coffee.

This tea has an earthy taste and texture that’s sure to appeal to those fond of the depth and richness of good Coffee. Pu-erh is sourced from China’s Yunnan province and has a fascinating history stretching back hundreds of years.

Pu-erh warms you from the inside out and relaxes both the body and the mind; unlike Coffee, Coffee has so much caffeine that you drink it before bed (I did for New Year’s Eve).

I was up most of the night because of how much caffeine was in me.

Yerba Mate.

Yerba Mate is a tea made from leaves. It stems from the holly plant Ilex paraguariensis and is famous throughout South America, particularly in Brazil and Argentina.

Yerba Mate is high in caffeine, containing almost as much Coffee per cup. Yerba Mate Tea contributes to focus, clarity, and alertness without the jitters from drinking too much Coffee.
This tea is an excellent alternative for those looking for a stimulant without adverse side effects.

Matcha green tea.

This tea is grown and produced in Japan; Matcha green tea is powdered. Matcha powder is delicious, taken on its own (In a tea), or you can add this to lattes. I know some use this in their smoothies and even baked goods! Yes, You can make something with this powder.

Matcha is full of health benefits, making it a perfect fit for those looking to reap the health rewards of concentrated green tea.

The shaded growing period typical to matcha produces a tea with much higher caffeine and theanine levels, which gives matcha the unique stimulating and relaxing properties it’s known for.

And because matcha green tea consists of all the tea leaves ground up into a fine powder that you may see on Amazon or in a store you love to shop at.

Some people may experience the caffeine present in a cup of matcha differently from a cup of Coffee, describing it as a calming and refreshing feeling that energizes both the body and mind.

Matcha is an excellent alternative for those looking to switch from Coffee to tea but still want higher caffeine levels and the many other benefits of good tea.

Rooibos tea.

Suppose you’re looking to steer clear of caffeine entirely but still want a warming and soothing cup of tea.

Although Rooibos is an herbal tea, this drink has a similar taste and body to the black tea that we all know about. Still, this tea has natural sweetness, Which means you don’t have to add many sweet things to your cup of Rooibos tea.

This tea is caffeine-free; naturally, Rooibos tea has a sweet flavor with a rich body, almost like Coffee; I have had this. I can say it’s true, Rooibos has a coffee-like flavor, and as I said before, you don’t need to add any sweeteners to your cup.

Coffee to Tea, why do this?

You may or may not be interested in switching from Coffee to tea for various reasons. Maybe you’re trying to consume less caffeine; perhaps you’re interested in the many health benefits of loose-leaf tea.

Whether you’re looking to move away from the caffeine from a cup of Coffee entirely or you want to try switching up what you do in the morning might be suitable for many people.

And drinking tea in place of Coffee has excellent benefits, just like Coffee does. But some might not like the smell or even the taste of Coffee. (My dad is like this, lol)

Suppose you’re looking to change your routine and try something new. In that case,

When switching from coffee to tea, you should give your body time to the two drinks, which means try drinking one cup of tea in the morning and then see if you want more tea or Coffee. I tend to have one cup of coffee first thing in the morning, and then I have green tea and Ice water the rest of the day.

As you may know by now, do not have Coffee before bed, it is with so much caffeine you might not fall asleep…Like at all.

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