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Green tea with almond milk


Hello dear reader!

I have a brand new post for you to check out! if you know about green tea and its benefits then you know that this post will be a great one to read if you’re wanting to try a cup of Green tea with almond milk, and I even have a recipe in this post as well. I hope you enjoy reading all about Green tea with almond milk.


Green tea with almond milk

What does this tea offer me?

A green tea latte offers many health benefits, but it may add unwanted fat and calories to your diet.

Sitting down with a green tea latte may help you start your morning or recharge your afternoon. Moreover, scientific studies suggest green tea may have heart-healthy and cancer-prevention properties. Because a green tea latte contains milk and sometimes sugar, however, this beverage may not be as kind to your waistline as sipping green tea. Still, a green tea latte does provide benefits.


A green tea latte is a variation of the traditional latte made with coffee espresso and milk.

A green tea latte is a variation of the traditional latte made with coffee espresso and milk, notes Heather Bauer, a registered dietitian in New York City and owner of Nu-Train, a nutrition and diet counseling center. Green tea is substituted for espresso in a green tea latte. Steamed milk is added with a layer of foamed milk on top. MedlinePlus, a service of the National Institutes of Health, reports green tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant and may have some health benefits. As of 2011, green tea lattes are so popular that Starbucks sells them.


Green tea and milk present in the latte offer health benefits.

The milk in a green tea latte provides a healthy dose of calcium, vitamin D, and protein. Plus, the green tea itself offers health benefits. Tea leaves are loaded with polyphenols that work as antioxidants, possibly lowering the risk of some diseases.

Consuming 5 to 6 cups of green tea daily has been found to provide cardiovascular and metabolic benefits, according to a 2007 study in the “Journal of the American College of Nutrition.” studies have shown tea polyphenols may inhibit skin, lung, and other cancers note a Rutgers University report. Research shows green tea may even help you lose weight.


A latte often has added syrups and sugars.

A green tea latte doesn’t contain as much tea as a regular cup of green tea. A latte maybe half tea and half milk with added syrup or sugar, even though a green tea latte provides the benefits of green tea, you’ll be getting less of the benefits compared to a regular cup of green tea. Plus, a green tea latte sold by teahouses and coffee chains, such as Starbucks, is typically made from whole milk unless you specify low-fat or skim milk.

That means you’re getting whole milk’s saturated fat and calories. A 16-ounces. green tea latte at Starbucks contains 350 calories, compared to zero calories for a plain cup of green tea.


Order your latte with low-fat or skim milk. hey, psst, over here. Ask for soy milk sometimes, there are so many benefits from Soymilk. Check this link out to learn more.


Green tea with almond milk

For maximum health benefits, order your latte made with low-fat or skim milk and ask for a decreased amount of sugar or syrup. Better yet, make your own green tea latte to control the ingredients. Use green tea leaves or green tea bags. You can also buy powdered green tea without added sugar, called Matcha, according to Bauer. Use 1/2 teaspoon. in a coffee mug, along with heated low-fat milk and as much sweetener as you like.

If excess calories are a concern, use an artificial sweetener, such as Splenda. For a spicier green tea latte, use chai tea bags or make a chai green tea latte by adding spices to your latte.

Recipe time.

First off, matcha isn’t for everyone. For starters, it’s got a super bitter taste. It’s also pretty darn pricey. And the quality of the tea makes all the difference. There are lots of crappy matcha powders out there that can completely ruin your latte!

Ingredients for This Soothing Latte

To make this soothing latte using a simple list of ingredients is the best thing for you, most of which I bet you already have on hand. Here’s what you’ll need to make this recipe:

  • Bagged green tea: any variety will do! It can be plain green tea, jasmine green tea, or even flavored green tea. It’s up to you!
  • Plant-based milk: I like to use almond or coconut milk as they get nice and creamy, but it’s up to you. Rice, oat, soy, and cashew will also work well.
  • Raw honey: since green tea has a naturally bitter taste, adding a touch of sweetness can really help. I love using raw honey, but you can also use maple syrup, coconut sugar, or even a zero-calorie sweetener like monk fruit extract or stevia.
  • Ground ginger: for a little kick and zing!
  • Ground cinnamon: for a warming and cozy taste!
  • Boiling water: steep the tea in and make this latte extra hot.

What Is a Green Tea Latte?

A green tea latte is simply a latte made with green tea instead of espresso. Traditional lattes are a blend of steamed milk and espresso, but in a green tea latte, we remove the coffee and use tea in its place. You can use any type of green tea to make a latte, but the most common one these days is definitely a matcha latte.

Are Green Tea Lattes Healthy?

Green tea is a very healthy drink and it’s easy to make a healthy green tea latte! The thing you need to watch out for is green tea lattes that are made with a pre-made green tea mix. Those mixes (like the ones used by Starbucks) are usually filled with sugar and other additives that you don’t want. This one is 6 simple ingredients and you still get all the amazing health benefits of green tea!

How to Make a Green Tea Latte

Making Green tea with almond milk is a complete breeze. It’s just three simple steps and in a matter of minutes, you’ll have a frothy latte on your hands! Here’s how to make it:

  1. Brew your tea: add the tea bag into your mug then top it with the boiling water. Let the tea steep for 3 – 5 minutes so that it gets nice and strong.
  2. Add everything to the blender: remove the tea bag from the mug and pour the tea into a blender. Add in the rest of the ingredients.
  3. Blend it up!

And that’s it. Pour your creamy and delicious green tea latte into your mug and you’re ready to go!

I hope you enjoyed reading all about Green tea with almond milk, I would love to hear what you like in your cup of tea 🙂 And I have a link for you to visit sometime soon! This is about my post that is all about Why green tea with honey is good

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