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Jasmine flower tea makes a refreshing companion beverage

jasmine flower teaJasmine flower tea retains the distinction as one of the top ten famous teas in China. One of the most famous scented teas, Jasmine tea’s aroma comes from the jasmine flower. This creates a rich tea flavor and jasmine fragrance. Jasmine tea’s sweet taste makes it very popular.

The exquisite processing technology helps create delicious, fragrant jasmine tea. Careful flower selection, flower waiting, tea body drying, and scenting ensure this perfection.

The soul of jasmine tea develops from the fragrance of the flowers. In order to ensure the purity of jasmine fragrance, growers follow a strict flower selection. Picking only on the hottest days of the year ensures that the flowers have sufficient flexibility and freshness.

After picking, packers lightly pack the flowers for shipment, being careful not to press them tightly. Ventilated baskets ensure good ventilation to keep the flowers fresh.

The tea man turns over the flower pile to promote the release of the fragrance. Then heat and drying make for the actual tea brewing material.

Jasmine tea consists of at least three to five scents. However, premium blends contain seven to nine scents. The more depth of scent, the more delicious the flavor.

Jasmine tea, due to its unique processing technology, maintains the bittersweet and cool characteristics of tea, But it also melts the fragrance of flowers and the health function of tea, becoming a warm tea. Jasmine tea brings not only fresh fragrance but also delivers incredible benefits, including those listed below.

① Health and beauty.

Jasmine tea is warm in nature. Proper drinking can improve blood circulation in the body. It is a good companion for women with cold hands and feet. Adhere to drinking jasmine tea for irregular menstruation of women also have a lot of help. Simultaneously, it can also increase the speed of metabolism, detoxify, and nourish the skin. Often women choose to drink jasmine tea for the benefits; it’s known to whiten skin, and also  resist aging.

② Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

Polyphenols in tea have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. People with low immunity can choose to drink jasmine tea to prevent diseases. However, it should be noted that people who are taking drugs or have other conditions should not drink jasmine tea so as not to affect the recovery of the body. Check with your doctor if you are not certain.

③ Lose weight.

Tea contains catechin, caffeine, and other components. These ingredients have obvious digestive effects. Therefore, drinking some jasmine tea can prevent and inhibit obesity. Jasmine tea can be used as the first choice for reaching your ideal weight.

④ Diuretic digestion.

If you often have some indigestion, you can drink tea to improve the speed of metabolism, accelerate the peristalsis of the stomach, promote the digestion of food, and smoothly discharge the metabolites from the body.

⑤ Fresh breath. Jasmine tea contains a variety of aroma compounds. After a meal, a cup of jasmine tea can leave a trace of fragrance between the lips and teeth. For smoking, men often drink jasmine tea, which can prevent bad breath fresh breath.

⑥ Prevention and treatment of dental cavities

Tea contains fluoride and fluoride ions, which can protect teeth and improve the ability of anti-acid and anti cavities of teeth. Gargling with jasmine tea provides protection for the teeth.

⑦ Refreshing.

Caffeine in tea can stimulate the central nervous system, making people concentrate. And Jasmine has a light fragrance to help refresh the mind. Therefore, jasmine tea drinking for office workers can produce fluid to quench thirst and relieve drowsiness.

Jasmine tea has a clear fragrance that makes people forget to go back, a sweet fragrance that is hard to give up and has the effect that people can’t let go. In the fast-paced life, why don’t you have a cup of jasmine tea to relieve your nerves and feel happy at the same time?


You might consider growing your own jasmine flowers for tea.

Yes, Jasmine grows indoors and out. Many varieties exist, some evergreen, some deciduous. Colors vary from white to yellow to pink and even purple. The fragrances and flavors also vary between varieties.


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