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Types Of Chinese Tea

I hope your day is going great! I am so glad it’s a nice day here in FL. A bit hot, but it’s better than being cold. Lol. so here is what is today’s post.

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Let’s start off with some questions. These teas fall into six basic categories, each resulting from a specific sequence.

The six types of tea are green, white, yellow, Oolong, black, and dark

But in China, the name refers to the brew’s color, such as “hong cha” (red tea), as the black tea leaves produce a red tea when brewed. 

Of course, the term “black tea” is also used to refer to (black) tea when that is drunk without milk, and “white tea” can refer to black tea with added milk.

Fermentation is a vital part of tea production, and it is essentially this step that results in the different varieties. Ready to read about Types of Chinese tea? Let’s go!

6 Types of Chinese tea

1. Green Tea

Green tea is a trendy tea globally, and even the oldest types of Chinese tea are produced in tremendous quantities. 

There are many famous varieties within the Chinese green tea type, mainly due to where the trees were cultivated.

Green tea is considered the healthiest tea for you. It’s loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful benefits for your body. The benefits include improved brain function, help with weight loss, and a lowered risk of cancer.

2. White Tea

One of the questions I have always thought of is, “What does White tea taste like?” I have often had it, and it has a grassy but sweet taste, but some might not like this tea as I do. 

White tea (‘bai cha’) undergoes the minor processing of most teas. Traditionally, white tea is picked only a few days out of the year in China, and this tea works well with any food. 

3. Yellow Tea

Yellow tea is yet another happy accident. They turn yellow if they were not appropriately dried. At first, people considered this tea to be lousy. Still, gradually people came to enjoy the different flavors. 

4. Oolong Tea (Black tea)

Oolong tea has more than just one name to it, Dark Dragon. There are four kinds of Oolong tea! But, what is the difference between the four of these teas? Let’s take a look. 

It has the fresh but clean flavor of green tea and black tea’s thick, luscious fragrance. It is grown mainly in Guangdong, as well as in Taiwan.

There are also some unique and notable teas. Such as Oolong tea that is called. Tie Guanyin in Fujian, Wuyi rock tea is an oolong tea as well. Oolong tea also helps reduce the risk of heart disease and even helps fight off fat.

This tea also Lowers the risk of getting cancer. This tea helps prevent diabetes; it’s high in disease-fighting antioxidants, decreases inflammation, supports a healthy brain, and prevents bone loss. And that’s a lot for a tiny cup of Oolong.

5. Black Tea

Black tea (‘hong cha,’ red tea) is the most widely produced and drunk tea and the best known among westerners. This tea is sometimes crushed, oxidized. And even dried

Black tea is fermented rather than through the green steaming or green frying processes, 

Still, it was the primary tea exported to Europe and America by the end of that era. In western countries, black tea is often drunk with additions such as milk, sugar, honey, or lemon.

Which are some of the yummiest ways to drink tea. If you like your tea sweet. 

For me, it depends on if I even want sweet tea. Most days, I don’t like my teas sweet, but lemon juice and a bit of honey are just so good. 

Broken black tea was developed in India, made in Sri Lanka, and started in China in the 1950s. The Chinese specialty Gongfu black tea was created from a small piece of black tea and is China’s most representative black tea.

6. Dark tea

Dark tea is from China and one of the best teas I have ever had. This tea is another favorite of mine.  Pu’er, known as Raw Pu’er, is made through simple sun-drying and Ripe Pu’er.

The longer this tea is preserved, the better it tastes, raw Pu’er being at its best after about ten years and ripe Pu’er reaching its best fragrance after 2 or 3 years.

Because it is fully oxidized, Pu’er tea has a lower antioxidant content than white or green tea. Still, it is credited with many health benefits such as promoting weight loss, reduction of serum cholesterol, and cardiovascular protection.

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I hope you enjoyed reading all about, Types of Chinese tea. I look forward to hearing what you think of these teas. Have a great day.



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