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What tea is best for you?

That is a great question; what tea is best for you? When I first started this site, I asked myself whether Green or black tea was good. What about this thing called white tea?

Does it even matter for this question? I am sure that’s what you are thinking right now. I have what you might be looking for.

Many have their say about which type of tea is known to be “healthiest.”

Some people say that green tea is the number one tea for them, while others might say that white tea is the healthiest because it has more antioxidants than green tea.

I love green tea; no, it’s not because of the benefits; I love green tea because it has a great flavor.

Or is the oolong tea known to be the most beneficial for you. Pu-erh tea because it helps lower cholesterol?

The “Healthiest” Tea

Finding the “healthiest” tea is not the most constructive approach from an overall health standpoint. Balentine says, “True tea, black, green, oolong, and white (but not “herbal”) teas, are all produced from the leaves of Camellia sinensis.”

White tea has the highest concentration of many antioxidants because it is the least processed tea. White tea might be considered the “healthiest” of them all by this standard.

Since every person’s body is unique, each person may react to these elements in many different ways, and here’s what I’m talking about.

Some people can handle the caffeine in tea very well because of their genetics. Some may not do so well with high caffeine teas, considered slightly less healthy for these individuals.

Health Benefits of teas.

There are a few public health benefits that can be ascribed to all teas that you like:

  • Regular tea drinking can contribute to proper hydration; tea can also improve focus and even concentration and helps us maintain a positive mood throughout our day. So when you feel Anxious or having a bad day, try some tea. If my day isn’t going my way, here’s the tea I have.
  • Chamomile tea with a hint of honey helps you feel better mentally and physically.
  • Side note: Do not drink tea in place of regular water; you need water just as much as tea.
  • Tea naturally contains zero calories. When used in higher-calorie beverages. In Asian populations, green tea consumption can reduce the amount of fat around the middle (known as “visceral fat”)
  • Two or more cups of tea per day may help us maintain our Heart health.

So here’s a recap of what you just read.

1:Tea is good for you.

2:Tea can help you hydrate, but drink water as well.

3:All the teas are good for you; black tea is one of those that you might want to try in place of your morning coffee.

4:Green tea is best any time of the day!

Click this link to see why I say that.

Tea can become part of a healthier lifestyle and alternative to other drinks when paired with a balanced diet and exercise.

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I hope you enjoyed reading What tea is best for you? I would love to hear what you think.

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