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Best Japanese Green Tea

Welcome back to Tea Jubilee, I hope your day is off to a great start, have you heard of Green tea as a trendy kind of tea? It is a great tea that has many wonderful reasons to drink this tea anytime you want.

These teas have many benefits, Well I don’t want to spoil anything so keep reading to find out what I am talking about.

This post will be all about why it’s good for you, The kinds to try out soon. And so much more.  Not only is Japanese Green Tea super healthy, but it has an exquisite taste as well.

Do you drink green tea every day? Green Tea is the daily elixir of the Japanese, enjoyed for its sweet, earthy flavor and innumerable health benefits (think Japanese lifespan!). Read on to learn more about Best Japanese Green Tea. 

What is Japanese Green Tea?

Green Tea is another kind of Japanese Tea. This tea is very famous for its benefits and the taste of almost a grassy flavor, but it’s perfect for you!

This tea also has therapeutic benefits in many cups. Drinking green tea has been a custom in the Japanese Lifestyle.

And with every meal they serve, it comes with your own freshly brewed green tea

Before taking the next sip of the tea you might have in your hand, let me discuss the history of this green tea, types of green tea, and the best way of drinking green Tea for optimal health benefits.

Brief History of Green Tea in Japan

Japanese monks who have studied Buddhism in China during the Nara and Heian eras over a thousand years ago, Green Tea was first introduced in Japan.

The Japanese people first enjoyed this tea, and it spread to the royals there and others in Japan.

There are many different kinds of green tea, and it all depends on the way they are grown and how the ground is for the plants, and the steaming and drying process.

Some green teas have very different flavors and characteristics in the plants. And here are some of the classifications of Best Japanese Green Tea:


This first tea is one of the kinds that I love to have first in the morning. If coffee isn’t for you, then Sencha tea will be your go-to drink to have in the morning.

Sencha is the typical kind of green tea that so many in Japan like to drink. It is produced by picking the tea leaves, steamed, rolled, and then dried.

With a perfect balance of acidity and some sweetness, this green tea makes a great everyday drink to have in place of coffee.

Matcha Green Tea

When I first had this tea, I was blown away! It has an earthy but excellent taste in a cup, and it has many benefits from it as well.

Being recognized for its vivid green color, matcha is processed with high-quality tea leaves, being grown in some shade a few weeks before harvesting to strengthen the flavor and caffeine level. It is then processed into an excellent powder, which is traditionally used for Japanese tea ceremonies.

With a unique earthy flavor and exact color, matcha has become a sought-after ingredient in inventive modern cuisines and trendy flavors in all sorts of Japanese sweets and western-style pastries.

Hojicha Tea

Hojicha tea is a green tea that has been toasted and chilled. This kind of tea has a reddish-brown color on the leaves, and this kind of tea has a roasted aroma. Hojicha has kind of a mild taste and has less caffeine than most teas. Not including Black teas.  That means that this tea is an excellent drink to enjoy any time of the day, especially after a late, heavy dinner.


This traditional Japanese Green tea is an exciting mix of a Sencha tea blended with toasted puffed brown rice, and it gives the Tea a distinctively toasted grain undertone. It’s a mild-flavored tea with an almost popcorn-like taste (Wait, what!?). But this tea is an excellent choice for those who prefer low caffeine tea during the day.

The Health Benefits of Green Tea.

Now that you have read about some of the Best Japanese Green Tea. It’s time to see why green tea is good for you!

Some studies are not definitive, though, and there’s still so much more to learn about Japanese green tea.

Here are the benefits of this tea; if you hear about Green tea and want to try out this tea for yourself, this post will help you learn about the Best Japanese Green Tea.

1. Green Tea contains antioxidants. 

This first tea is one of the minor processed types of Tea;

Green tea is high in so many things including, antioxidants, bioactive compounds such as catechins, Polyphenols, and many other flavonoids.

These beneficial compounds are the same anti-aging compounds found in red wine, dark chocolate, and blueberries, fighting free radicals, protecting cells and molecules from damage.

2. Green Tea helps protect your heart health.

Did you know that by drinking Green tea, you can keep your heart in good health? It’s true! Drinking Green tea has many benefits, including keeping your heart safe from many harmful things found in other drinks, such as Soda and even energy drinks. Speaking of energy, Did you know that tea has Natural energy in them?

It’s true. Click here to learn all about Natural Energy teas. Where in that post I have eight teas that will give you energy throughout your busy or easy day.

3. Green Tea helps by promoting brain health.

Did you know that Green tea has an excellent record of helping lower your risk of getting Alzheimer’s and even Parkinson’s?

Green tea has what is called (Flavonoids), and that protects your brain from losing its function to remember things. To learn more about these diseases, keep reading, and you’ll find some links at the end of this post that tells you about what these Certain diseases could do to your loved one’s lives later in their years.

4. Green tea and relaxation

I know for a fact that Green tea is such an excellent tea that helps me relax; falling asleep can be hard to do, But if you make it the right way, you’ll sleep like a rock!

The L-theanine in the cup of green tea is known to help put you in a relaxed and calm state of rest; that’s why I love to have a few cups of Green tea before I head to bed around ten.

Some studies show that L-theanine in green tea provides a calming and relaxing effect on the brain. Green tea can also be a great alternative to increase alertness without getting the caffeine jitters with less caffeine than coffee.

5. Green Tea and diabetes.

Green tea has a lot of benefits. This one is significant to know. If you don’t know about diabetes, there will be a link at the end of this post.

But Green tea is the best to have, so you are less likely to get diabetes and Live healthier as well. Isn’t that good? I sure think so as well. Green tea doesn’t have a bad taste, like some many say.

6. Green Tea and weight loss

Green tea burns fat? Drinking this tea helps me lose weight? Your joking. I was asking those questions when I heard about this benefit from a family member. I thought they were crazy!

But, now that I have read up on Green tea and saw this. I know it does help you lose burn fat, and even after working out, this tea is excellent for having after that hard workout.

And I have been doing karate for two years now, and I have green tea every day, and I can say that they were right! Green tea works wonders on your body as well as your mind.

How do you make this tea? 

That is a great question, and I have the best answer to this one.

I love my teas shy of 160, but I know some say you should make this tea up to 180! I mean, everyone likes their teas in their way. Am I right? The first important thing is to make sure your tea is from a brand that you use and trust from wherever you buy your tea.

I try to buy from Adagio Tea and Amazon (I talk highly about both places!!) or you can buy the tea from the store you use currently. But back to making this tea.

I started making my first cup of tea around the age of 7, I would boil the water, and some teas are good for that, but not this one.

Green tea in boiling water can make your cup of tea very bitter, and it destroys the things that I just said in the lists of benefits.

The steeping time for most green tea varies depending on the type and quality of the green tea you use.

I have the perfect link to head to read all about Best organic teas to try. Link here.

You can generally steep the tea bag for three minutes, then taste the tea and let it soak a bit longer if you’d prefer your tea bitter. After drinking your tea, the leaves can be steeped for another cup, and you can steep the leaves 2 or 3 times before you can’t reuse them for another cup

Making this tea.

Best Japanese Green Tea 


  1. The Japanese believe that good water yields good rice, and the same goes for a good cup of green tea.
  2. The quality of the water you use might determine how the cup of green tea tastes. I use tap water for making the Best Japanese Green Tea.
  3. Green Tea is best as is in your cup. I never use dairy in my cup, but honey makes it suitable as well.
  4. To enjoy the full health benefits, you can also enjoy green tea with citrus, such as a squeeze of fresh lemons.

How do I choose the Best Japanese Green Tea?

When choosing green Tea, a fresh loose leaf tea is always the best choice. Engage your senses to find the newest Teas you will enjoy any time of the day.

Most tea has great things in them! Not just do the leaves have a nice, crisp yet bright kind of aroma in any teas you come across either in-store or when you order from an online store.

As I have said before, buy your tea from a store you can trust that you are getting the very best types of tea. Buy from someone that you know believes in what you want from that grower.

Don’t just go to someone that throws together their tea without the love they have for tea. I love Adiago Tea for their teas that are Fair Trade teas and all the teas they have is Organic as well.

How many cups is sufficient?

All though many experts might say trying 3 to 4 cups a day sounds good but if you are new to this tea I would say to try one cup until you like it enough and try it every day to get all the benefits from it.

When I first had green tea, I thought it was bitter for me so I said meh I’ll drink it again soon and see if I like it. When I did, It was so good, and now reading about the benefits of the Best Japanese gree tea. Do you think it’s worth a try?

Whew!! That was so much to learn. What did you like about this post? let me know below and remember to share and other posts from Tea Jubilee!

But before we say goodbye (For now) Here are the links that I was talking about through this post.


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I hope you enjoyed reading about Best Japanese Green Tea. I would love to hear what you think about this and if you have any questions you can ask me in the comments below. Have a great day and enjoy a cup of tea for me 🙂


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