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5 Healthy Herbal Teas You Should Try: Benefits and Brewing Tips

Staying healthy during this cold and flu season can be tricky, but we have just the thing: Check out this post about the 5 Healthy Herbal Teas You Should Try.

Tea plays an integral role in cultures worldwide and is revered for its variety and the serene experience it offers. This broad spectrum distinguishes loose-leaf teas by their whole tea leaves, which often produce better and more complex flavors than their bagged counterparts.

With such products, it’s essential to consider the origin and quality of the thyme leaves, as these factors greatly affect the tea’s potency and flavor. Potential buyers should seek organically grown thyme to avoid the presence of pesticides, ensuring a pure and unadulterated cup. Additionally, the texture and size of the leaves might influence the steeping process, with larger leaves often yielding a more robust infusion.

We understand when browsing for thyme loose-leaf tea, one must weigh these considerations carefully. After extensive research into various options and testing for taste and health benefits, we’re poised to guide you toward making an informed purchase.

We’ve meticulously searched and assessed various blends to curate our selection of the finest thyme loose-leaf teas available. Our list reflects options that offer both the full-bodied flavor and aromatic essence that thyme tea enthusiasts seek and commendable quality and packaging standards. Whether you’re a seasoned thyme tea lover or looking to try something new, our recommendations are here to guide you toward a delightful brewing experience.

Eat Well Herbal Tea Assortment

Eat Well Herbal Tea Assortment

If you cherish natural herbal teas with a burst of Mediterranean flavors, this collection from Eat Well is an absolute delight for your senses.


  • Variety bundle includes calendula, chamomile, and lavender, adding versatility to your tea routine
  • 100% natural ingredients ensure a pure sipping experience without additives
  • Resealable packs maintain freshness and aroma for an extended period


  • Some individuals may find the floral taste profiles not to their liking
  • A single flavor preference means you might not use all three types equally
  • The loose-leaf form requires a steeper infuser, adding a step to your tea preparation

Steeping a cup of this herbal tea, we immediately notice the vibrant hues and the evidence of the Mediterranean. The calendula unfolds into a shining burst of orange, while chamomile offers a soothing yellow, and lavender rounds off with subtle purple notes. Each sip teleports us to sun-soaked fields; the flavor is authentic, rekindling memories of simpler times and pristine places.

Our days begin with the zesty chamomile that revives with its gentle, honeyed notes—such a perfect companion for a bright start. As the afternoon wanes, sipping the smooth lavender tea becomes our ritual; its calming floral notes help ease the day’s stress with its naturally soothing properties.

The calendula is reserved for those special quiet moments. Not every day, you find a tea that doubles as a conversational piece. Our guests always inquire about the unique, zesty cup with floating petals that feel both rejuvenating and novel in its appeal.

Whether you’re an avid tea aficionado or simply love to indulge in the act of tea-making, this Eat Well Herbal Tea Assortment offers a naturalistic escape with every brew. We believe this bundle is an excellent choice for those who appreciate the nuance of herbal blends and enjoy experimenting with tea flavors.

Simply Organic Thyme Leaf

Simply Organic Thyme Leaf

We find that Simply Organic Thyme Leaf is a must-have for its authentic flavor and adherence to organic standards.


  • Offers a natural, robust flavor that pairs wonderfully with a variety of dishes
  • Freshness dated, ensuring that the thyme retains its aromatic qualities
  • Certified organic and non-irradiated, aligning with clean-eating practices


  • The quantity might feel insufficient for frequent users, being just 0.8 ounces.
  • Premium organic herbs come with a higher price point compared to non-organic options.
  • Limited distribution might affect availability in some areas

Upon opening the bag of Simply Organic Thyme, you’re greeted with a warm, earthy aroma. The leaves are incredibly aromatic, which suggests they’re freshly packed. It’s satisfyingly potent; a little goes a long way in marinades, lending deep, nuanced flavor to chicken or vegetables.

We’ve noticed how this thyme elevates the taste of stews and cheese dishes without overpowering the palate. It’s a testament to its quality that the subtle yet distinctive herbaceous notes are maintained throughout cooking, infusing meals with a comforting, homely taste.

Our experience with Simply Organic Thyme Leaf reminds us why opting for organic, non-irradiated herbs matters. In side-by-side taste tests with other brands, the difference in freshness and flavor is clear. Plus, the commitment to natural cultivation practices gives us peace of mind with every dish we prepare.

Dandelion Digestive Tea

Traditional Medicinals Tea

With this tea’s gentle herbal support, we find it a suitable pick for maintaining digestive health and kidney function.


  • Encourages healthy digestion
  • Pleasant, earthy flavor profile
  • Naturally caffeine-free for any time enjoyment


  • Only available in teabags, not loose-leaf
  • It may not be the best fit for everyone’s taste preferences
  • Some users reported the tea bags can be delicate

Taking a break with a cup of Traditional Medicinals’ Dandelion Tea has become a cherished part of our day. Dandelion’s natural, subtle earthiness pairs well with a hint of lemon, creating a soothing blend that’s perfect for a midday reset or winding down in the evening. Organic and free from caffeine, this tea allows us to enjoy a comforting cup without disrupting our sleep patterns.

We’ve noticed our digestion seems smoother after regular consumption of this tea. Each sip comes with the knowledge that we’re supporting our kidney health thanks to the beneficial properties of dandelion. Plus, the simplicity of the tea bags makes preparation quick and effortless, which is much appreciated during our busy days.

For those of us who are environmentally conscious, it’s reassuring to know the materials are biodegradable. However, care must be taken to prevent the tea bags from tearing, which some of us have experienced. We’ve learned to pour water softly, ensuring our tea remains clear and free of debris. Despite this minor inconvenience, the overall benefits and quality make this dandelion tea a staple in our pantry.

Soothing Fennel Tea

Traditional Medicinals Organic Fennel Herbal Tea

After multiple cups, we’ve found this tea to be a delightful comfort for the digestive system.


  • Eases bloating and digestive discomfort
  • Organic, non-GMO, and caffeine-free
  • The sweet anise flavor is pleasantly soothing


  • Anise flavor might not appeal to everyone
  • The 16-bag count might seem limited for frequent drinkers
  • The price point could be a bit high per bag

Relishing a warm mug of this Fennel Herbal Tea has become a cherished part of our routine. Its sweet, licorice-like taste of anise is distinct without being overpowering and makes the evenings more relaxing. We’ve noticed it helps settle our stomachs, especially after meals that are heavier or not part of our normal diet. It’s not just a beverage but a soothing ritual.

Feeling bloated is uncomfortable, yet this organic tea created by Traditional Medicinals seems to provide us with a gentle, natural relief. We take pride in knowing we’re supporting ethical trading partnerships whenever we choose this brand. The fact that it’s caffeine-free also means we’re able to enjoy it close to bedtime without it affecting our sleep.

We appreciate the company’s high standards, sourcing high-quality herbs with a high essential oil content, which could be why we find it so effective. We’ve made it a staple in our pantry, and while it might seem a bit pricey for some, we believe the comfort it provides us is well worth it.

Throat Comfort Tea

Traditional Medicinals Throat Comfort Tea

We found Traditional Medicinals Throat Comfort Tea to be an exceptional choice for those seeking both soothing and organic options.


  • Supports throat health effectively
  • Organic and non-GMO ingredients, ensuring purity and sustainability
  • Pleasant licorice taste that is both sweet and earthy


  • Licorice flavor may not appeal to everyone
  • The distinct herbal taste could take some getting used to
  • Limited effectiveness for those with severe throat issues

Experiencing the smooth texture and sweet taste of Throat Comfort Tea feels like a warm embrace for your throat. The licorice’s natural sweetness combined with the silkiness of the tea makes it a cozy beverage for a chilly evening or when you’re feeling under the weather.

We appreciate the commitment of Traditional Medicinals to organic and ethically sourced ingredients. It’s a comforting thought that while taking care of yourself, you also support ethical trading practices.

For those with sensitive palates, it’s worth noting that the licorice flavor is quite prominent. While some of us relish the sweet, earthy notes it imparts, it may not be to everyone’s liking. Yet, after nursing a cup recently and feeling a tickle in our throats, we noticed a pleasant, soothing sensation, which testifies to the blend’s effectiveness.

Buying Guide

Quality of Leaves

When selecting any herbal tea, we prioritize the quality of the leaves. Look for vibrant green leaves, as this indicates freshness. The leaves should be whole and largely intact, as broken leaves can signify rough handling or old stock.

Feature What To Look For
Color Vibrant, green leaves
Leaf Integrity Whole and intact
Aroma Fresh, herbaceous scent

Organic Certification

We consider certifications to be a hallmark of a product’s quality. Organic certification assures us that the thyme was grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. This is not only better for our health but also for the environment.


We consider the source of the leaves crucial. Thyme that is ethically sourced ensures reasonable labor practices and a better quality of life for farmers. Locally sourced thyme can provide fresher options and support local businesses.


Packaging can affect the tea’s longevity and flavor. We recommend airtight and light-resistant packaging to preserve the essential oils in thyme that give the tea its distinct flavor profile.

Packaging Type Benefits
Airtight It preserves freshness and flavor
Light-resistant Protects from flavor degradation

Price Point

We weigh the price against the quality offered. While it’s tempting to seek a bargain, with thyme loose-leaf tea, the cheapest option can often compromise quality. We balance affordability with the quality indicators mentioned above to find the best value.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses some of the most commonly asked questions about thyme loose-leaf tea, covering its health benefits, preparation, consumption recommendations, purchase options, and precautions.

What health benefits does drinking thyme leaf tea offer?

Thyme leaf tea is known for its antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Regular consumption may aid in respiratory health, boost the immune system, and promote digestive wellness.

Can thyme leaves be used to brew herbal tea?

Yes, thyme leaves can be brewed to make a flavorful herbal tea. We recommend using fresh or dried thyme leaves to achieve the best taste and therapeutic benefits.

Are there any recommended limits on the daily consumption of thyme tea?

While thyme tea is generally safe for most people, we advise moderation. Consuming up to three cups daily should be safe, but it’s always wise to consult a healthcare provider for personal advice.

Where can one purchase high-quality thyme loose-leaf tea?

High-quality thyme loose-leaf tea can be bought at specialized health food stores, online retailers, or tea and herb shops. Look for organically grown thyme to ensure purity and optimal benefits.

Who may need to avoid consuming thyme in their diet?

People with allergies to plants in the Lamiaceae family, including thyme, should avoid it. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should also consult their healthcare provider before including thyme tea in their diet.

Does thyme tea interact with any medications or medical conditions?

Thyme tea may interact with certain medications, including blood thinners and hormone therapies. If you have a medical condition or are taking prescription drugs, please consult your healthcare provider to avoid any adverse effects.

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